What is LSD?

What is LSD?

The question of what is LSD does not have any one distinct, single answer.

In order to accurately provide an answer to this question, an in-depth analysis of what LSD is must first be undertaken. LSD is a short name for the drug Lysergic acid diethylamide. It belongs to the group of drugs that are commonly classified by scientists as hallucinogens. The name hallucinogen comes from the effects of hallucinations and pseudo-hallucinations that users of the drug very often experience. Hallucinations are occurrences wherein the users of the drug see illusionary images and hear imaginary sounds that appear to them to be real.

These hallucinations, brought about by the action of ingesting LSD, can last for any length of time depending on a range of factors such as the state of mind of the user at the time of consuming the drug. The pseudo-hallucinations are a set of hallucination-like experiences but they bear the marked difference that during these hallucinations, the user of the drug is aware that they are not real but are merely a figment of his or her imagination.

What is LSD?

It is the effects of LSD and other hallucinogens that has made it a drug of choice for use in some rituals and religious practices. During such rituals or religious ceremonies, the hallucinations that are triggered by the drug are considered to be a form of communication through vision with a higher deity.

Many people wondering what LSD is will be interested to know that the drug is not legal in the United States of America. It is usually abused orally. The drug is manufactured in liquid or solid form and can be found for sale in tablet and capsule form, or in small bottles of the liquid. The liquid form of the drug is often not consumed directly, but is soaked onto tiny, decorated pieces of absorbent paper.

These pieces of colored paper are placed on their tongue by the users and from there the drug can easily be absorbed into the body. LSD is normally colorless and odorless and can be only distinguished by its unique and slightly bitter taste.

Besides knowing the composition and formulation of LSD, the question of what is LSD cannot be fully answered without taking a look into its effects and possible uses. LSD has no known medicinal value. It is a drug that is used purely for recreational purposes. Officially, the drug is not classified as an addictive one. This is partly due to the fact that LSD does not cause any compulsive or obsessive drug-seeking behavior in its users.

People who are abusing LSD are able to stop the habit easily enough. Another reason may be the fact that LSD users do not normally develop dependency to LSD. LSD users do however develop a tolerance to the drug, which might prove harmful as the effects of large doses of LSD are almost entirely unpredictable.

LSD Street Names

  • Zen
  • Dots
  • Acid
  • Boomers
  • Superman
  • Yellow sunshine

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